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Anti-racism inclusivity equality

We are working for social change through anti-racism work and promoting inclusivity and equity. 


We are committed to improving access and supporting individuals from ethnic minority groups and LGBTQ+ clients.  We work towards inclusivity for all marginalised groups. 


We aim to:  

  • Improve access to psychological therapies to ethnically diverse groups and those that identify as LGBTQ+ by actively engaging these communities and encouraging them to access our service 
  • Monitor feedback and suggestions from our colleagues and service users from ethnic minority backgrounds or those identifying as LGBTQ+ and make the necessary changes 
  • Increase our use of translated materials to improve the experience of non-English speaking clients 
  • Hold regular reflective spaces for colleagues to share their experience as well as a space to develop cultural competence in our work 
  • Continue learning and as a result develop our policies and processes 
  • Ensure greater diversity throughout recruitment processes 
  • Construct boundaries to protect staff and clients 
  • Show compassion and a commitment to educating each other 
  • Promote whistleblowing: accountability for staff and clients 
  • Continue to provide necessary training for staff on cultural competence and diversity issues 
  • Actively challenge racism, homophobia and transphobia in a constructive way 


We are still learning about our shortcomings and are dedicated to eradicating racism and bias from our policies and processes. 

If you have any suggestions or comments about how we can improve our service to continue to promote anti-racism and inclusivity please contact your local Talking Therapies service. 

How can we help?

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