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Our appointments

Our appointments take place over the telephone, video call, in person or a combination/’hybrid’; this depends on the course and type of treatment that you are offered. Please note that video and telephone treatments will be offered either via a therapist within our Talking Therapies services or from one of our partner services who are held to the same standards as we are (Xyla Digital Therapy).


Appointments are usually either weekly or fortnightly and last 30-50 minutes. You will be asked to complete questionnaires which assess your mood and levels of anxiety at every session to monitor the progress of treatment and how it is working for you.


Click here – Checklist for the first Appointment

How can we help?

We kindly ask you do not share any sensitive information here. In addition, this bot is for general enquiries. Complete your self referral form if you wish to provide further information, particularly of a sensitive nature so that it is securely stored and addressed.